How to Find the Best Colon Cleansing Program

How to Find the Best Colon Cleansing Program

How to Find the Best Colon Cleansing Program

If you’re searching for the best colon cleansing program you need to know what to look for. Everyone’s body is unique. It’s important to understand that what’s ‘best’ for someone may not be ‘best’ for you.

However, there are many common elements present in the best colon cleansing programs you may find. These common factors have proven to produce happy colon owners all over the world. In other words, you can find a program that will suit you to a ‘T’.

Parasite Killing Formula


If you are starting your first colon cleanse, choose a program that has some type of parasite killing formula. Yes, parasites, otherwise known as worms live in the digestive systems of over a billion people across the world and not only in undeveloped countries.

Parasites can be found in everything from undercooked meat to raw fruits and vegetables. We’ve all exposed to them in some kind of way.  Perhaps from walking barefoot in the park to having your dog lick your face. They thrive on the undigested fecal matter that lies dormant in your colon and they must be destroyed.

The best colon cleansing programs will contain some type of parasite killer comprised of wormwood and black walnut along with other different herbs.  Wormwood and black walnut are known to kill parasites and are the main ingredients you should look for in a parasite destroyer.  Keep in mind that 70% of parasites are invisible to the naked eye, so you may not see most of the parasites that are expelled, but be assured that they are being evicted from your colon.

High Fiber Intestinal Cleanser

The best colon cleansing programs will also include a high-fiber intestinal cleanser that can be mixed with juice or water.  The primary ingredient you want to look for is psyllium husks.  The manufacturers may mix other beneficial herbs with the psyllium husks, but that’s okay.  As long as the psyllium husks are the predominant ingredient, then you will have an intestinal cleanser that is both effective and high in fiber.

The high fiber cleanser acts as a bulking agent.  It forms into a gelatinous substance that loosens compacted fecal matter and traps dead parasites and expels them from your system.  A high fiber powder containing psyllium husks is the driving force of any good colon cleansing program because it helps to stimulate contractions in the colon that cause it to eliminate on a regular basis.

Herbal Laxative Tea


Your cleansing programs should also include some kind herbal laxative tea.  The tea is usually enjoyed in the evening a few hours before bed.  It helps you to sleep well at night and also it stimulates your colon even more as you rest so you can have a hefty bowel movement or two in the morning.  The main ingredient to look for in an herbal laxative tea is senna leaf.  Senna leaf has been used for centuries and is known for its laxative properties.  It stimulates the colon and encourages the passage of fecal matter. The faster you move waste our of your body the less time it has for the stool to absorb fluid so it remains soft.

Remember that ‘best’ is relative. Look for the common and proven ingredients listed here as guidelines for finding the best colon cleansing program for you. Try them out and soon you’ll find the one that gives you the best results for your unique system.

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